Classic cameras are here...

This website originally started out with a detailed exposition of box cameras of old, and all the accompanying trappings, and yet how lovely it would be, I have lately felt, if one could have a site here dealing with various other types of classic cameras too.

Consider for example this single lens reflex. It’s a Pentax, and although its auto function is dysfunctional, it has given me many happy hours of pleasure. Just load up with a roll of 35mm film, go out with an exposure table, and shoot! And how delightful when the pictures are back from the processing laboratory!

Or consider this twin lens reflex from Rollei Fototechnik, Germany. In years gone by, Rollei have brought out updated versions of two of its outstanding cameras, the Rollei 35, and the other a twin lens reflex. Both had fixed focal length lenses, both were equipped with exposure meters, but were capable of full manual operation too. 

This site is all about classic cameras, and in the days to come, you may expect to find here a lot more than just box cameras. So then, friends, be on the lookout for something exciting coming your way!