Vintage Pictures from Albums

This is a school group with my aunt Vimal as the teacher sometime during the fifties. Note the architecture in the background. The print was 6 x 9 cm, the most common size used for ordering monochrome prints in those days in India. The box camera is ideally suited for shots in bright sunshine like the one below, although I can’t be sure of the camera employed on this occasion.

TWO AUNTIES.  These are teachers working in the Children’s Home in Agripada, back in 1950. Again I have no information on the camera used, but this is the typical effect you can expect when a camera (any camera) is used on a subject posing outdoors in noon sunshine; note the dark shadows under the eye. A far more pleasing effect would have been secured by making these ladies pose under the shade of a tree or a balcony.  

Ravindra Bhalerao